Whether creating a dynamic advertising campaign or developing a movie, engaging and innovating storytelling drives everything we do. In an evolving media landscape our diverse background in production, post, and advertising enables us to find the best approach to serve our projects needs. With extensive film, television, and advertising experience we are able to help our clients through every stage of their production.

We are a Production Company and Creative Agency, but at our core Filmmakers whose love of visual storytelling drives us to evolve every story we create and project we complete.
Steven Spielberg

Jaws: The Restoration

Evolver Creative, together with Milkt Films, created a 10-minute short for the 35th anniversary and Bluray release of Steven Spielberg's classic film. Working closely with Universal Studios and Milkt Films, we handled all the creative editorial of the project. Directed by Vance Burberry, the film focuses on the intricate restoration process that went into restoring the masterpiece.